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With a million different companies, ads, and campaigns put together to get you to quit smoking the overall journey and goal is lost, to quit smoking. For a few tips to quit smoking you should read on in this article and get a few of the true remarkable processes that help millions quit all the time. These tips to quit smoking won’t allow you to stop overnight or making you become an overnight celebrity to promote a certain product, but they could very well help save your life.

In the movie The Godfather there is a quote that could be one of the most important of the tips to quit smoking, “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.” The reason that this should be one of the tips to quit smoking is because it should be used in reverse for those looking to complete this lifestyle change. Keep your enemies, the cigarettes, close enough to remember the damage they caused, but keep your friends closer. In the end, your friends will remind you why you made this change in the long run, keep them in your circle during this difficult time, they will help you succeed.

Become part of a Community of people that have quit smoking or is attempting to quit smoking in order to learn the tricks of the trade from the real survivors. This is one of the tips to quit smoking that the cigarette companies and gimmick providers don’t want you to know. The fact that you can get help from ordinary people that are not looking to earn a dime from your success or failure is very powerful. Keep this tip at hand; it is one of the biggest tips to quit smoking.

Ignore the urge to become part of the crowd at work or in a social setting by making it an opportunity to get a leg up on the competition. If you are at work, use the time you previously spent smoking to do more research or get ahead on your work. If you are at a party use the time to brush up your makeup or talk to somebody you normally wouldn’t. Don’t just use this as an opportunity to quit something, use it as an opportunity to begin something anew! These are some very important tips to quit smoking for you to utilize and succeed in riding yourself of this filthy habit

by Angel Ross


  1. Since I quit smoking I have had more real “work” time as I’m not wasting time running off to have a cigarette.

    There are a lot of advantages to quitting smoking – and I think when people put a list together of those things and really look at it, it can become very motivating.

  2. If you quit, don’t start again, thats the hardest part about not smoking, 2-3months later, or a year or whenever you might get that urge to smoke, don’t do it!

    Read this blog for methods that really help based on my personal experience – http://quitsmokingeasily.wordpress.com/ – yeah I wrote it 🙂

  3. Ada satu ide yang mungkin bisa jadi solusi bagi perokok pasif dan aktif. Yaitu rokok yang menyehatkan dan bisa menyembuhkan penyakit. Bisa diklik nama saya … mudah-mudahan … hatur nuhun

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